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You can find software, hardware, specifications and FAQ related information here.
How to crack WEP/WPA by using Back Track 3/4..
Back Track 3 / 4 to retrieve WEP/WPA Password:

1. Insert CD to you CD Rom, restart your computer and boot the CD Rom (just like when you format computer to install windows, boot the CD).
    ** If you don't know how to do this, kindly consult your friend/computer technician with basic computer knowlegde.
         Or go to and search for how to "boot from cd rom drive".

2. You will be asked to choose Back Track 3 or 4, just like picture below.
    Choose BT3 for WEP
    Choose BT4 for WPA
    Here we take BT4 to crack WPA as an example.

Choose bt3 or bt4

3. System now will boot in to linux Os with BT4 version. Around 2 minutes, you will see below screen, means successed.

Succed boot

4. For BT4, Click the MiniWep (on the desktop), to scan your wireless adapter and select your wireless adapter (8187L).
    It is to make sure you select the wifi adapter, not your laptop wifi.
   Click the "Shell Konsole" icon as above pointed (Circled red).

5. Now type "spoonwep" and enter.  ("spoonwep" is for BT3 and BT4 to crack wep)
    For WPA, just "spoonwpa" and enter.  ("spoonwpa" is for BT4 only).

Type spoonwpa

6. Select Net Card:
    MON0 - (if you use BT4) - If MON0 cannot, try MON1.
    WLAN0 - (if you use BT3) - If WLAN0 cannot, try WLAN1.
    RAD0 - (if you use Kinamax-N type with RADLINK Chipset wifi adapter).

    Select Drive: Normal    
    Select Mode: Unknown Victims

   After that click NEXT.


7. Now you will go to discovery tab, as picture below.
    Select CHAN HOPPING, and click launch. You can also try "FIX CHAN" if CHAN HOPPING FAIL TO SCAN.
    ** If scanning not start, maybe your netcard in step 6 wrong, change to MON1 / WLAN1.

Discovery Tab

8. Once finished scan, it will show you available wireless in your area. Refer picture below.
    Choose (by highlight) the one with highest DATA value - the one you wish to crack.
    Note: If data is 0, means very difficult to crack and take very very long time.. maybe few hours or more.
             Higher DATA value will easier to crack. Some only take around 3 to 5minutes.
             DATA value is high when there are more people/owner using that wireless..
** So, sometime you have to wait for the people using that wireless, only can crack it.
    At the bottom, select the client with highest packets value and click the "Selection OK" to next tab.

Discovery Tab

9. Now you will be in "HANDSHAKE CAPTURE" tab. Click the "LAUNCH AUTOMATE HANDSHAKE CAPTURE" as show in below.
    ** For WEP (at BT3), you just click Launch.
Handshake capture tab

10. Now you will be in "Cracking" tab, click the "LAUNCH AUTOMATED HANDSHAKE CRACKING". as show in below.

Cracking tab

11. The software will start cracking the WPA Password. Please wait until the "Key Found" as show in below picture.
      the time to find the key is depending the DATA Value, It will as fast as 2minutes, or as slow as few hours, depending.
     Once success, note down the password in a piece of paper.

Key Found

12. Close the window and shutdown the pc.

13. Now take out the CD and start your computer as normal to windows.
      Key in the password that you get to connect to the wireless network.

Installing the realtek driver in windows:
1. In the provided CD/DVD, there is the driver for windows 98/ME2000/XP/Vista/7/Linux/MacOS
2. Open the the driver folder and click setup.
3. Follow step untill installation completed.
4. Plug in your wifi adapter and windows will automatic install the driver for you.
5. Open realteck icon on your desktop and search available network.
6. Connect it by insert the password that you got.



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