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Auto Cooler Solar Powered Fan Ventilation System for Car

Main Product: True
            Brand: As Seen On TV

Auto Cooler Solar Powered Fan Ventilation System for Car

Market Price: MYR 80.00
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Buy Now: MYR 19.80
Retail Price: MYR 16.00  
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  5654 Sold since Nov-2013      

Model: Auto_Cool

Auto Cooler Solar Powered Fan Ventilation System for Car

  Keeps your parked car Cooler!
  Blows HOT Air out of parked car!

   Auto Cool Solar Powered Fan


  • The Auto Fan Solor Powered Fan is a ventilator to help cool your car on the hot day.
  • The vent unit is designed to be secure onto the top of a car window;
  • Extract the hot air from inside to help cool the interior of the car.
  • Your Parked Car is kept Cooler & the air fresher!!
  • It maintains a safe, comfortable temperature level for your return
  • Fresh air is drawn in; while the hot, stale air vents out
      Auto Cool Solar Powered Fan

  • Auto Fan even helps to eliminate pet and tobacco odors.
  • It installs in seconds; and fix with all car windows 
  • Place Auto Fan vent on top of window, then close window and lock up. 
  • It's solar panel uses sunlight - NOT the car's electrical wiring or batteries
        Auto Cool Solar Powered Fan


  Product Description        

  • Original solar-powered ventilator;
  • Silently & Efficiently helps rid your vehicle of hot, stale & stuffy air, even on scorching summer days!
  • The solar powered car vent eliminates hot air & odors from your vehicle & replaces it with fresh air from the outside; 
  • Ultimately reducing the interior temperature of the vehicle.
  • Runs directly on natural, FREE solar energy.
  • There is no drain on your vehicle's battery & no batteries to replace/recharge!
  • Preserve & protect vehicle's interior, valuable stereo & electronic equipment from the damaging effects of extreme heat build-up 

   Product Features

  • Blows hot air out of parked cars
  • Solar powered needs NO batteries 
  • Fits any car's window
         Auto Cool Solar Powered Fan

  Installation is EASY!

  Auto Cool Solar Powered Fan
  1. Hang the Solar can fan on your can mirror (Note: The fan side should be placed inside the car)
  2. Use the tape provided to stick the solar fan in place 
  3. Repeat the step to the right side of the fan 
  4. Screen your window up and solar car fan is now ready to use

   Package Include

  • 1 x Auto Cool Window Fan
  • 1 x Rubber Strap
  • 1 x Manual
      Auto Cool Solar Powered Fan

 Take Note!!
  • The Auto Cool Air Vent does not work on dark tinted windows
  • The Auto Cool Air Vent should not be used on cars that do not have a door frame above the window

  • The Auto Cool Air Vent is designed for use in parked cars only
  • It's not intended for use while driving as it may obscure your vision.
  • This unit should be removed before starting your vehicle.
  • Do not use on rainy days (window seal is then broken)
  • Do not put foreign objects into the blades
  • This is not a toy
  • The Auto Cool Air Vent may not work on dark tinted windows
   Extra Images
    Auto Cool Solar Powered Fan

Auto Cool Solar Powered Fan

Inside the Car Outside the Car
Auto Cool Solar Powered Fan

*** Video shown for demonstration purpose only ***

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