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INTEX 68564 Ultra Lounge Inflatable Relaxing Single Air chair Seat Sofa

Main Product: True

INTEX 68564 Ultra Lounge Inflatable Relaxing Single Air chair Seat Sofa

Market Price: MYR 285.00
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Model: INTEX_Sofa_68564

Great New Features !! INTEX Ultra Lounge Heavy Duty Inflatable Relaxing Single Air Chair Dorm Seat Sofa 68564

Get ready for a relaxing time in the cozy Intex Ultra Lounge. Featuring a comfortable flocked surface material and leisurely backrest, kick back and relax with your legs oon its. Its built-in cup holder is perfect for keeping a cool beverage close at hand. With a waterproof top and sides, sturdy vinyl bottom and compact folding design, this chair single set is great for just about any room.



  • With powerful,  Fold compactly for storage 
  • Inflates quickly and easily
  • The INTEX Lounge Set includes a cozy lounge chair  
  • Flocked material and angled backrest make  for a comfortable seating surface
  • Built-in cup holder is great for keeping your drink close by 
  • Easy to wipe clean

  Product Features



  Product Specifications


New Features!! 


 Package Includes

  - 1 x Set INTEX Single Sofa 68564  Air Inflatable 
  - 1 x Heavy Duty Repair Patch

+ ADD ON  (RM 25)  
  - 1 x Dual - Action Turbo Pump Home Use
  - 3 x Air Nozzles 

Electric Air Pump Inflatable Air bed Pumper Car , 2 Ways And Home Use

Safety Precautions

  Instructions Of Inflating and Deflating The INTEX Single Sofa 68564

  • Use Dual-Action Turbo Power Pump to inflate and deflate Sofa Bed. To use, simply insert the inflate or deflate port of the pump into the 2 Way Air Valve of the Sofa Bed.
  • The Sofa Bed has a 2 Way Air Valve used for inflating and deflating. It also has a One Way Valve for adjusting the firmness of Sofa Bed. To use, gently push the red tab of the valve to allow the air to free flow from the Sofa Bed.
  • To Inflate – Open the cap of the valve and insert the inflate port and turn on the pump. Inflate the Sofa Bed to your desired firmness.
  • To Deflate – Simply connect the large nozzle into the deflate port of the pump. Open the cap of the valve and insert the nozzle into the 2 Way Air Valve. Turn on the pump and fully deflate the Sofa Bed. Alternatively, you can just push in the One Way Valve to allow the air to free flow from the Sofa Bed.
  • The Air Nozzles can be used for other types of inflatables such as pool floats, sport balls, inflatable toy and many more.


   Important Must Know Tips Before Using Single INTEX Single Sofa 68564

  • Inflate INTEX 68564 Single Sofa and leave inflated for 8 hour before use.
  • Reduction in size during this time may be observed because the material is adjusting to inflated state. If this occurs, re-inflate to desired firmness and use normally.
  • ALWAYS ensure the valve is closed and tightened securely by hand to avoid unnecessary deflation.
  • Space INTEX 68564 Single Sofa in an area free from sharp objects, abrasives and dirt.
  • To Prevent Unnecessary Damage and Leaks – Do not let children jump on Sofa Bed like they would on a trampoline
  • Do not let pets on Sofa Bed because of their sharp claws.
  • Do Not allow children to use Sofa Bed in the pool without adult supervision.

 Electric Air Pump Inflatable Air bed Pumper Car , 2 Ways And Home Use

   Safety Precautions in Using the Dual-Action Turbo Power Pump

1. Never leave the Dual-Action Pump unattended while in use.

2. Never operate the Dual-Action Turbo Power Pump in wet conditions.

3. Do not allow sand, small rocks and other small particles to be sucked into the inflation or deflation parts while operating.

4. Never point or look directly into the inflation / deflation ports while the pump is operating.

5. Do not attempt to place objects or body parts into inflation / deflation port at any time.

6. Please make sure that your power outlet voltage corresponds to the voltage marked on the Dual Action Turbo Power Pump.

7. Use Dual-Action Turbo Power Pump only for its intended use.

8. This pump is not designed for continuous use. Do not exceed 30 minutes of continuous use. Extended operation can over heat and damage the pump.

9. Do not wet or expose the pump to water to avoid the risk of electric shock.

10.Keep away from children.



  • Do not stand, walk or jump on.
  • Keep away from open flame or other hot objects.
  • Keep away from sharp objects and abrasive surfaces.
  • Partially inflated mattress can cause suffocation.


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