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ADSports AD8000 Inversion Therapy Table Back Stretching Handstand Machine Traction for Back Pain Stress Relief

Main Product: True
            Brand: ADSports

ADSports AD8000 Inversion Therapy Table Back Stretching Handstand Machine Traction for Back Pain Stress Relief

Market Price: MYR 699.00
sabah MYR 190.00
sarawak MYR 161.40

- Peninsular ship by Express Courier Service.
- Sabah & Sarawak will ship by sea freight,
estimated to be deliver around 3-4 weeks.

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Model: ADSports-AD8000-Inversion-Table

ADSports AD8000 Inversion Therapy Table Back Stretching Handstand Machine Heavy Duty Exercise Equipment Upside Down Inversion Table Fitness Therapy Traction for Back Pain Stress Relief with Shoulder Support.

Say Goodbye to Back Pain With the Best Inversion Table
If you’re eager to alleviate neck and back pain, then nothing can serve you better than an inversion table. While reducing back pain, it can relieve your stress, improve blood circulation, increase flexibility, and above all, enhance your posture. A vast majority of people have started using this efficient equipment to perform effective exercise and stretches. After all, it helps them stay healthy and lead an active life.

  • Model: ADSports AD-8000
  • Sturdy inversion table for reducing back stress and stimulating circulation
  • Durable tubular steel frame, curved spine shape backrest, and powder-coated finish
  • Tough rubber non-skid floor stabilizers; inverts up to 180 degrees
  • Ergonomically molded ankle cushions; supports up to 140kg
  • Adjustable height from 131 - 190cm - 1 Machine for all family member
  • Inverted Lock Lever - Adjustable Multi Fixed Angle
  • Foldable for storage
  • Inversion therapy table for elongating spine and relaxing back muscles
  • One year warranty on manufacturing defects

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Benefits of Inversion Tables
Those who use inversion tables regularly report that it adds noticeable health benefits to their lives. Because inversion tables stretch and release tension from muscles around the spine, inversion therapy can offer other benefits beyond pain-relief, including reduced stress, improved blood circulation and increased flexibility.

1. Improve Spine Health
One of the primary reasons people experience back pain is due to improper spine alignment. Not adhering to aneutral posture consistently throughout the day puts unnecessary stress on the spine when it’s misaligned.
It carefully inverts the body downward, allowing for gentle stretching from gravity’s pull.

2. Avoid the Need for Painkillers
Many people wholive with chronic back pain are dependant on prescription painkillers to find relief. Inversion therapy may help people reduce their need for medication by providing a natural pain management solution.

3. Prevent the Need for Surgery
Holistic wellness and natural pain management approaches are important for those who are at risk of requiring surgery for their lumbar pain or sciatica. Making lifestyle changes to protect your spine health can help prevent further damage that will eventually require surgical intervention.

4. Reduce Stress
Many people who use inversion tables report that it helps them de-stress. Inverted positions—keeping your head below your heart—are known to activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

5. Increase Mobility
Many people with back pain avoid physical activity. However, light and consistentphysical activity is strongly recommended for back pain. Maintaining mobility is very important when suffering from back pain. Inversion therapy, combined with exercise, may help.

Package Content:
  • 1 x ADSports AD8000 Inversion Table

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