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DIY 99 Zone PSTN Wireless Burglar Alarm Home / Shop Security phone auto dial System

Main Product: True
            Brand: CCTV_Alarm

DIY 99 Zone PSTN Wireless Burglar Alarm Home / Shop Security phone auto dial System

Market Price: MYR 399.00
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1 - 1 units MYR 229.00
2 - 4 units MYR 210.40
5 - 10 units MYR 202.00
11 - 20 units MYR 195.20

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Buy Now: MYR 229.00
Retail Price: MYR 229.00  
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Model: PSTN Wireless Alarm System

DIY 99 Zone Guard PSTN Wireless Burglar Alarm Home / Shop Security with phone line auto dial + Voice

DIY so easy!! No need technician!
It is wireless, No wiring needed..
Full Easy Instruction Given..

99 Zone Guard Wireless Alarm Home Security with phone line auto dial + Voice

Just small amount, you can have a good security system for your house and a peace of mind,
when you go for your next holiday.


      This system is a new generation of home / business is fully compatible with the security alarm system, alarm host and accessories are completely wireless connection, easy installation. With a new set of wireless millions coding technology, strong confidentiality. When someone trespassing, the host will send an alert. Also call the owner's telephone or mobile phone. With smoke detectors and gas sensors can prevent fires and gas leaks. Widely used in homes, shops, factories, schools, villas and other areas.

99 Zone Guard Wireless Alarm Home Security with phone line auto dial + Voice

99 Zone Guard Wireless Alarm Home Security with phone line auto dial + Voice


  • 99 wireless zones, each zone can be independently working, you can set up to 9 modes of operation.
  • alarm automatically dial the user-set 6 groups of telephone numbers.
  • voice mail and voice broadcast zone functions combined.
  • With the crystal keypad to operate on the main panel.
  • Support for remote off-site monitoring, telephone arm, disarm and deter remote query functions and unique features.
  • intelligent learning a variety of wireless accessories, fast and convenient, compatible with 2262 and one million group coding. User extensions.
  • Cutting the phone wire will cause the sudden alarm to prevent people from destroy.
  • Against the frequency disturb, with the strong receiving and sending frequency function.
  • Full voice guidance, and remote control operation become more convenient for user.
  • Multi function design. The system can be attached Welcome device, doorbell and pager functions. For a variety of commercial purposes.
  • Unique child-specific remote control mode. This mode, press the disarm button within 30 seconds, the host will not accept any alarm, 30 seconds for the auto recovery after outdoor zone arming state. Deployed to prevent children forget. In this mode, "emergency alarm" function becomes doorbell button function. Child-friendly school when parents open the door.

The difference between the fixed code and learning code
Fixed code: Security is not high, plus accessories trouble, fixed code host has a fixed address coding, all detectors and remote controls with the same host to be transferred into the coding to connect with the host, so the installation of accessories shall be adjusted manually on the code, Remote control is lost and can not remove their coding. Picked up the remote control can control the machine, and the relative degree of safety is not high.

Learning code: Security is relatively high, the installation of accessories simple. Host itself does not have a fixed address code, all detectors and remote controller with different encoding on the host various parts of the coded entry to work. Therefore, installation of accessories only on the host can study entry, the remote control is lost simply delete its code on the host. Let it not be connected with the host, who can not pick up the remote control of the machine, a relatively high Jeon higher.

99 Zone Guard Wireless Alarm Home Security with phone line auto dial + Voice

Standard package:

1 x Intelligent PSTN Alarm System
1 x Wireless PIR Motion Sensor (Free Battery Inside)
1 x Wireless Magnetic Door Sensor (Free Battery Inside)
1 x 120db External Siren
2 x Alarm Remote Control
1 x Power supply

Optional, If you need addtional of this:

Wireless PIR Sensor RM 49/pcs
Wireless Magnetic Door Sensor: RM25/pcs
Wireless Vibration Sensor: RM29/pcs
Wireless Smoke Alarm Detection: RM49/pcs

All add on item can get at our Alarm / CCTV category:

Thanks for visit.

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