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Latest GPS Vehicle Alarm Tracker Positioning Locator

Main Product: True

Latest GPS Vehicle Alarm Tracker Positioning Locator

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Model: Motor_GPS_Tracker

NEWW!! Latest LBS GSM/GPRS GPS Vehicle Alarm Tracker for Motorcycle / Bike / Car.. Positioning Locator Better Control And Updated..!! 

Just install + / - Power Cable to Vehicle battery 9~48Vdc,  Easy & Simple.

Free Online LBS monitoring platform..

Product Features


Model : TX-5

Main features: 

  • SMS location, SMS search vehicles, 
  • Sibration alarm, 
  • Anti-disassembly alarm platform location, 
  • Historical track playback, 
  • Electronic geo fences, 
  • Free Platform fee (LBS positioning) 
  • Built-in vibration sensor, a vehicle vibration alarm; 
  • * Built-in backup battery, illegal cutting line to achieve alarm (optional);

Technical parameters: 

  • GSM bands: 900 / 1800MHz or 850 / 1900MHz universal GPRS: Class12, TCP / IP 
  • voltage range: 9-48VDC Standby current: ≈0.2mA 
  • Working temperature: -20 ℃ - + 70 ℃ 
  • Humidity: 20 % -80% RH 7, 
  • Dimensions: 50.0 (L) * 35.0 (W) * 1.0 (H) mm 8, 
  • weight: 26g four,
  • Backup battery (Not included, it is Optional)


Product inspection, open the box, check the terminal model is correct, accessories are complete, otherwise please contact your dealer; 

Open the cover by hand, Insert a GSM SIM card and then fasten the card slot cover, and finally close the shell. Connect the power cable to the vehicle battery (9~48Volts is supported)

Platform server:



When there is alarm, it will send alarm to the number that we set. 

We can set upto 9 phone numbers.

1. To set number to the tracker, send SMS:


Phone number is the number wish to set, Password is default is 0000, No. is refer 1st/2nd/3rd.... phone number

Example: # 711 # 123456789 # 0000 # 1 # # , 711 # 987654321 # 0000 # 2 ##

2. To get device location: Send SMS 6660000 (to get current geographic location) or 8880000 (to get location with map link)

3. Two Type alarm can be set: SMS during Vibration, or Call during Vibration.

     - Send SMS  7810000 to tracker - Tracker will call if vibration detected.
     - Send SMS  7820000 to tracker - Tracker will Send SMS Alarm if vibration detected.

4, The power failure alarm (optional) When the terminal power supply is cut off, it will trigger off alarm, power failure alarm will send a text message to the phone number is bound, and to upload the power failure alarm monitoring platform. Power failure alarm messages 

Example: main power failure alarm, concerned. (SMS alarm mode)

5. Change the device password to send a text message: # instruction code (770) # device new password (4) # device initial password (4) set up an automatic reply after ## successful CONFIG OK, 

For example: # 770 # 1111 # 0000 ## after the instruction is executed, the device password from 0000 into 1111

6. Note: The initial password is 0000 six devices, GPS location search platform service platform website: If you already have a login account information in the platform, you can direct the landing platform Services Website. Otherwise, please contact your dealer for your login account opened online, provide a login name and password. In your computer's browser address bar enter the service platform site, fill in the login ID and password to obtain, and then sign into the service platform. Functional service platform using the operating Ask your dealer for the "service platform, use the Guide."

Package Include
  • 1 x Motor GPS Tracker
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x English User Manual

Extra Images

Thanks for visit.

Reseller or Dropshipping reseller are welcomed..!!

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